Nick Gessler received his PhD in Anthropology from UCLA for “Artificial Culture: Experiments in Synthetic Anthropology,” where he co-founded the “Human Complex Systems Program.” In 2002 he was honored by the designation of Main-belt Asteroid “113355 Gessler.” As faculty in Information Sciences at Duke University, he taught three courses on the philosophy of complex systems: “ALiCE: Artificial Life, Culture and Evolution,” focused on hands-on multiagent evolutionary computation and simulation programming in C++. “Espionage, Cryptology and Psychological Operations,” focused on networks of trust, secrecy and deception. “Meteorites & Solar System History” focused on the science, culture and evolution of meteoritics. In 2017, at Duke’s Kunshan, China campus, he hosted METEORITES CHINA, the first international conference and exhibition of meteoritics in that country. That was emulated in 2018 by a similar conference in Jilin, China. He has discovered 13 named meteorites in California and Nevada and recovered over 1,400 fragments. He continues to build a comprehensive private teaching collection.